LuaForge Migration FAQ

Last update: January 2013.



What was LuaForge anyway?

LuaForge was a software project hosring website set up in 2004 by André Carregal and the Kepler Project, to promote development of Lua software modules. (The site was at different times supported by IMPA, Fábrica Digital, TecWeb, CNPq, and FINEP.) By 2010 LuaForge was hosting over 500 projects.

So, what happened to LuaForge?

LuaForge was running on GForge, which involved a lot of services and required a lot of support, but there was no admin resources to keep all of this up in a reliable and sustainable way. As a result, the website suffered occasional downtime starting with 2009, with a few serious crashes. The services it was offering were also no longer matching the needs of many projects, which lead some of them to start migrating to github. So, the eventual decision was to reduce the scope of the services to what could be sustainable under available resources. For the most part it means that most of the content has been preserved, but in a static format. At the moment, the only way to make any changes is by emailing us. (This may change.)

The new website looks seriously ugly! What can be done about it?

You are welcome to volunteer your artistic skills to improve the look of the site.

Who do I contact with questions and requests?

Please email with all questions. In particular, whenever it says "email us" in below, this means "email (Please first check, though, if your question is answered below.)

The Project Catalog

What's happening with the project catalog?

LuaForge's catalog of projects has been converted into a simple project listing with links. It is static for now but the hope is to let project admins edit it later.

How do I update my project listing?

Email us saying what fields you want to update. Better yet: locate your projects record here and send us a diff for the desired changes.

Can I add additional fields?

Email us and explain what you want add and why.

Mailing Lists

What happened to the mailing lists?

The mailing list service has been shut down. The archives are available at the same URLs where they always were.

I am an admin of a mailing list. What do I do to get my mailing list back?

You can setup a mailing list with a new provider. Sourceforge and Google Groups appear to be two of the most popular options. You should also email us and ask for the list of your members so that you could add or invite them to your new list.

Can I have my mailing list's page updated to point people to the new list?

Sure, just email us.

Can I get the archives of my mailing list in a single mbox format?

Yes, if you were the list's admin. Just email us.

Project Sites

What happened to project sites, such as ""?

They are still running, just on a different server.

I am the owner of the project "Foo". What shall I do with my site ""?

If you are happy with how your site looks right now, then you don't need to do anything.

What if I want to update the content?

Ask us for a copy of your content, set up a new site somewhere else, and ask us to send your traffic there. Specifically, we can do two things: (A) If you give us a new URL, then we can setup a "301 Redirect". If you request this option, please indicate whether you want all requests to be sent to the same URL of whether you want to map specific file paths somehow. (B) If you give us an IP address, then we can setup a new DNS record.

Released Files

What happened to all the released files?

They are now available on a different subdomain but there are permanent redirects in place from old URLs, so all old URLs for downloading them should work.

Some of the old URLs are now broken!!! What do I do?

Email us with the URLs.

What happened to release notes?

They are on the same domain as the file themselves.

Where do I find the releases for project Foo?

Look it up in the project catalog.

Can I release additional files?


Source Repositories

What happened to CVS?

All CVS projects got converted to git and moved to github. Some of the have been claimed by their owners, others are just sitting there as repositories belonging to "luaforge".

Where do I find the repository for project "Foo"?

Look it up in the project page for this project. Click here for the list of projects.

How do I claim my repository?

First, fork luaforge's repository. Then email us. We'll then make your repository "primary".

Can I claim someone else's repository?

Please contact the original maintainer and ask them to email us. If they do, we'll be happy to let you claim the repository. Meanwhile, you can always fork it. (If you cannot find a way to contact the original maintainer, email us we'll try to help.)

But I already have a different repository!

Ok, then just email us and we'll delete ours.

Other Services

What happened to the "docman" pages?

If your page was accessed at some point in 2010 then it should still be available at the same URL. If it wasn't, then it's gone.

What happened to forums and trackers?

They are gone.

What about news items?

You can get the news items here.